Trump Celebrates Victory By Sending Dems a Warning They Won’t Soon Forget

President Trump celebrated the win of GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia governor’s race this Tuesday.

“The MAGA movement is now stronger and bigger than ever before,” Trump said in a comment. “Glenn will be a wonderful governor.”

Trump endorsed Youngkin during the race and encouraged his voters to support him, but he would not host a campaign rally for him in a state where President Biden won by a ten point margin over the president back in 2020.

With 79 percent of precincts now reporting, Youngkin is the leader in the election, beating out former Governor Terry McAuliffe, by almost ten points.

Trump attributed Youngkin’s win to his Make America Great Again group that supported him for president.

“I would like to thank my BASE for going out to vote for Glenn Youngkin,” he said. “Without you, he would not have won.”

Trump also taunted McAuliffe for using so much time during his campaign focusing on him, saying that it only helps Youngkin.

“All McAuliffe did was talk about Trump and then he lost! What does this tell you, Fake News?” Trump asked. “I guess folks running for office as Dems won’t be doing that anymore.”

The president said he never had a rally in Virginia because of McAuliffe’s goal of connecting him to Youngkin.

“I didn’t even go to a rally for Youngkin, because McAuliffe did this for me,” he wrote.

Trump did around a 10 minute phone rally for Youngkin on the Monday night before the election, just hours before the polls opened in the morning, urging his supported to go out to vote.

We have a wonderful relationship and he is a fantastic guy,” Trump stated, celebrating Youngkin’s “tremendous work” as a businessman.

Youngkin’s victory sends a warning to Democrats nationwide that they are losing support even in a state that has elected a Democrat governor in every election after 2014.

President Joe Biden campaigned twice for McAuliffe, but it was not enough to bring back his slumping campaign.

Biden showed confidence that McAuliffe would win only hours before the election ended.

“We are going to win,” Biden said in an almost whisper, as if sharing a secret, during a media conference in Scotland, lowering his face into the microphone. “I think we will win Virginia.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire