Trump Delivers a Christmas Present to American Workers

In his first few years, President Trump has been considered the best jobs president in the history of our country. Thanks to his policies, jobs have been flooding back into this country. The economy is roaring back to life. And the stock market continues to hit records. Now, just as we hit the holidays, another present is dropped into our laps.

This year, we’ve seen a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats. Under President Trump, Republicans have been the party for the people. Trump has fought to put Americans, especially workers, first. Thanks to him, damaging regulation has been rolled back. For the first time in a long time, America is energy independent. More than that, we are the world leader in energy production.

Trump and the GOP have pushed for policies that are protecting worker’s jobs. He’s slashed regulations and taxes to ensure better pay. On top of that, he’s secured one great trade deal after another. Even his controversial trade tariffs on European and Chinese goods have been turning American companies around.

What have the Democrats done this year? Oh, they’ve tried to impeach the president. Good job, idiots!

Now, just as we approached Christmas and the New Year, there is something to look forward to. Thanks to Trump, workers can expect more opportunities and rising wages in 2020.

Companies will face greater pressure in 2020 to recruit and train blue-collar Americans and also to pay extra wages, say company officials and economists…

The companies are trying to find, train, and recruit sidelined Americans because Trump’s “Hire American” policy is preventing Congress from delivering more foreign workers to U.S. companies via the nation’s immigration routes. The resulting shortage of non-college workers is forcing companies to raise pay for blue-collar workers at a faster rate than the pay gains for college-trained workers. [Source: Breitbart]

Since Trump entered office, wages for workers have been rising. Wages for blue-collar workers have especially been on the rise over the last two years.

Why? A variety of factors, all thanks to the president. Early in his first term, he slashed Obama regulations that crippled our energy sector and other industries. This freed up companies to actually grow and make a profit.

Trump was able to score the largest tax cut in recent history. Lower taxes meant companies could expand and hire more workers (not to mention pay their current workers more).

But his America First agenda might be the biggest factor. Greedy companies and corrupt Democrats have fought to prevent Trump from securing the border and ending the scourge of illegal immigration. Democrats have been able to slow his progress on the wall, but they have not been able to stop him.

Because Trump has been cracking down on illegal immigration, companies have fewer outside workers to hire. They have to hire American workers. And to keep them, they need to increase their salaries.

Companies are so eager to hire American workers that they are offering on-the-job training to anyone that is willing to learn.

Michael Colyer doubled his salary when he got into a program that trains workers to monitor toxic waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory…

His break came through one of several short-term job training programs, or boot camps, launched this year in New Mexico. [Source: Breitbart]

So, what have Democrats done to encourage this kind of growth? Let’s see, they shut down the government to prevent a deal on DACA. They opposed the border wall on numerous occasions. They want to increase the number of illegals and refugees that enter, so Americans have fewer job opportunities.

And they are trying to remove from office the one man who is helping American workers.

Now you see the real reason Democrats are trying to get rid of Trump. They don’t want American workers thriving. They want to flood our country with outside labor, because greedy corporations tell them to do it.

Trump is the one man fighting this swamp scheme. And even though they are trying to beat him, he is winning.

That’s a good enough reason to celebrate this Christmas season.

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