Trump Donor Targeted By Castro Says He’s Raised $1 Million For President’s Campaign Since ‘Outing’

By Joseph Simonson August 10th, 2019 | Image Source: MSN

Rep. Joaquin Castro’s plan to shame a group of donors to President Trump is having the opposite effect.

One of the individuals named by the Texas Democrat estimates that the lawmaker’s actions have spurred donors to give more than $1 million toward Trump’s reelection effort in recent days.

R. H. Bowman told the Washington Examiner his fellow members of “Texas 44,” as the San Antonio-based donors refer to themselves, have been on a fundraising frenzy since Castro tweeted about them on Monday, “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'”

Bowman, an attorney, said that didn’t go down well with he and his fellow donors.

“My phone’s been lit up for two days with calls from many of the Texas 44 and others of our friends here in Texas who are outraged by Castro’s comments,” Bowman said. “It looks like another million dollars is now headed to support the Trump 2020 campaign from those of us who were targeted, and other Texans, including Hispanics, incidentally, whose resolve to support [the president] is only strengthened by this personal attack.”

The Monday tweet by Joaquin Castro, who is the chairman of his twin brother Julián Castro’s presidential campaign, showed an image listing 44 names of individuals in San Antonio who donated the maximum amount to Trump’s reelection campaign.

Bowman, an attorney, said he supported Trump in 2016 in spite of concerns about the candidate’s personal behavior and language.

Of the 44 names mentioned, the Washington Examiner reported, at least six individuals also have donated or raised money for the political campaigns of the Castro brothers over the years. Joaquin Castro won his House seat in 2012 after a decade in the state legislature. Julián Castro was mayor of San Antonio from 2009-2014, before running the department of Housing and Urban Development during the last two-and-a-half years of the Obama administration.

Both Castros, 44, have defended the attempted shaming of the president’s donors. They contend the information is publicly available and its release by tweet wasn’t meant to encourage harassment or violence.

“I hope this has started a conversation about what exactly Donald Trump is doing with these people’s money,” Joaquin Castro said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Wednesday. “And I hope donors in San Antonio and donors throughout the country, unless you support the white nationalism and the racism that Donald Trump is paying for and fueling, then I hope that you, as a person of good conscience, will think twice about contributing to his campaign.”

On Friday, Julián Castro defended his brother’s actions when asked about it by the Washington Examiner.

“I believe that Americans have the right to freely associate,” the candidate said at an Iowa campaign event. “I also believe that that’s public information.”

Author: Joseph Simonson

Source: Washington Examiner: Trump donor targeted by Castro says he’s raised $1 million for president’s campaign since ‘outing’

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