Trump Drops Hammer on Drug Cartels with Major Move

Mexican drug cartels are a major threat that many keep ignoring. The narcotics they smuggle into this country lead to many America deaths every year. Yet the Mexican government appears unwilling to confront this great evil. President Trump has had enough. During an interview, he announced a major step he’s about to take to end the drug cartels once and for all.

Drug cartels are one of the main reasons President Trump is working on the border wall. Democrats seem happy to just ignore their existence. But the fact remains that most border towns in Mexico—ones just miles from the United States—are run by ruthless criminal organizations.

The men who run these drug cartels are brutal, violent, and cruel. They exploit our Southern border to smuggle people and narcotics into this country. Many Mexican citizens have been killed by the cartels, just to send a message. Their relentless attempts to enter our country, bringing powerful narcotics, have resulted in over 100,000 American deaths a year.

You’d think a crime spree like this would warrant serious attention by the Mexican government. But it seems those in power are too afraid to confront the cartels or, worse, they are under their influence. President Trump refuses to sit back and let these criminals continue to take American lives. So, he’s prepared to use even more resources to take them down.

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday in an interview with Bill O’Reilly that he is going to designate the Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, a move that gives the government officials more resources to combat entities that receive the designation.

“One of the things that you’ve said to me … is that if another country murdered 100,000 Americans with guns we would go to war with that country,” O’Reilly said…

“Are you going to designate those cartels in Mexico as terror groups and start hitting them with drones and things like that?” O’Reilly asked.

“I don’t want to say what I am going to do, but they will be designated,” Trump responded. [Source: Daily Wire]

This is a pretty serious step in our efforts to defeat the drug cartels. So far, we’ve worked with Mexican law enforcement to stop these criminals. But it’s clear stronger action must be taken. In order to designate a group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, they have to be a foreign organization, engage in terrorism, and threaten our national security.

I’d say the drug cartels check all those boxes.

When these cartels are official designated as FTO, it brings heavy consequences. Americans will face heavy penalties for helping them. The United States will have greater opportunity and power to confront and limit these cartels. And it will motivate other governments to aid us in taking these groups out.

The question that remains, though, is will we confront these cartels in the same way we confronted ISIS? Will the president send Special Ops into Mexico to apprehend, kill, and destroy cartel resources? That could bring with it serious consequences.

Mexican officials seem worried. Their foreign minister recently said he doubts the United States will label cartels as terrorists. Yet they’ve sat back and let these groups become powerful and destructive on a grand scale. Perhaps the time is past for the United States to rely on Mexico to do anything about it.

Perhaps the time has come for our troops to take direct action against these cartels. Maybe Trump will send drones to take out cartel bunkers. Or maybe the president will send soldiers—even Navy SEALS—to eliminate the cartels’ top leaders.

Mexico may not like any of this. But can we sit back and let more Americans die, thanks to Mexico’s failures?

Something tells me Donald Trump won’t.

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