Trump Dumps Pence — Announces New VP For 2024

After his speech at CPAC, few would argue against the idea that Trump is set for a comeback. He might just storm the national stage during the next election.

While that is four years away, many are already speculating how the election will shape up. And we are getting some chatter about Trump looking to switch up his ticket.

That includes a new running mate, should Donald return and get the Republican nomination.

Instead of having Pence by his side, he may just choose a particular rising GOP woman.

Because reportedly, he is telling folks he is very strongly thinking about another run in 2024…

And two advisers of his have suggested South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem as the best candidate for the job.

Pence rejected Trump’s appeals to unilaterally overturn Trump’s defeat when he led the Electoral College vote count on Jan. 6.

Trump has not yet announced a possible 2024 campaign. But many are hoping he returns to retake Washington.

It’s too early for him to be strongly considering any possible running mate. Even during party primaries, people rarely talk about their running mates. And Trump really has not even declared his return to politics.

Rumors are flowing because of the falling out between Pence and Trump. Despite Trump’s urging and the pleas of many lawmakers, Pence refused to reject the electoral college vote.

His lack of support sparked shock among Trump-supporters.

That might be enough to guarantee Trump goes with someone else in 2024. And Noem could be a great choice for VP. She is among the few governors who did not succumb to pressure and kept her state open during the pandemic. 

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