Trump Erects Major New Wall in San Diego, Then This Happens…

As Democrats push impeachment in D.C., Trump continues to win for Americans around the country. The media has all but buried news of his progress along the border. Yet despite their lack of coverage, Trump is erecting his big beautiful wall. New impressive barriers have been built in San Diego. And the locals have this to say about it.

Let’s get one thing straight: the Democrats are running their impeachment hoax just to undermine Trump’s success. They’ve got nothing on the man. Yet they keep up this charade, knowing the fake news will report on it like it’s the most important thing in the world.

But Americans aren’t fooled. We still want Congress to get off its butt and do something for the American people. They continue to obstruct Trump’s America First agenda. But as they waste time and tax dollars, Trump is getting things done.

Since declaring a state of emergency earlier this year, the president has been able to relocate funds to get the border wall built. In key places across the border, he is erecting modern, unclimbable fencing. In some areas, the barrier system is double-layered, meaning it’s impossible for anyone to cross it.

That’s the case in San Diego, where pathetic landing mat barriers have been replaced by an 18-foot bollard fencing, backed with a 30-foot barrier. The new system is 80 percent complete and border patrol is already saying it’s making a difference.

As part of President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border, 14 miles of 18-foot primary steel bollard fencing has been built in San Diego, with a secondary 30-foot steel bollard barrier behind that which is approximately 80 percent complete.

They replace the 8-foot landing mats, which were often supported by a steel mesh behind that. The difference is dramatic…

But the barrier not only lowers apprehensions, it allows officers to make apprehensions more safely and closer to the border — rather than within border communities. Harrison says that, as a result, there has been a surge of construction taking place as better barriers go up, with construction of warehouses, housing, shopping outlets and restaurants. [Source: Fox News]

Border Patrol could only sit and watch as migrants “trampled over” the old barrier to get into the country. It was zero percent affective at keeping the border secure. The new construction is coinciding with a drop in apprehensions.

Why? Because as would-be illegals see the new barriers go up, they don’t even try! Every place that has this secure barrier system is seeing attempts at the border go down.

Not only that, but thanks to the new border wall, companies feel safe enough to build near the border. Border Patrol said, in the past, they would have never considered building so close to the border. Crime was out of control. But now, because of Trump’s wall, they are building warehouses, even housing and shops.

We’re seeing the border wall impacting the economy is ways nobody would have foreseen. Except, maybe President Trump.

The new system isn’t just a wall. The double barrier contains a road between the bollard fencing. This provides Border Patrol an easy and safe way to patrol the border and apprehend or stop anyone trying to get in. In addition to this, there is new technology that aids agents, making their jobs much more efficient.

It’s shocking to think that none of this was happening before Trump. Our border was a revolving door for criminals, smugglers, and sex traffickers. But nobody in Washington cared. Border Patrol was overwhelmed and underequipped. Not a single president tried to make a difference.

Today, things are rapidly turning around. President Trump is making good on his signature campaign promise to put Americans first and secure the border.

What is the rest of Washington doing? Oh, they’re wasting your money trying to find dirt to remove Trump from office!

Wow. These people don’t deserve the jobs they have. 2020 can’t come fast enough.

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