Trump Exposes Biden As a Coward After He Does This In Cuba

Former President Trump called President Biden’s response to the Cuba protests an “insult” to Cuban people who have suffered under the dictatorship regime in a comment this week.

“The Biden White House’s refusal to completely and quickly condemn the Cuban Communist Regime is a shocking travesty,” Trump said. “The Biden Administration’s insane suggestion that the Cubans were protesting only mismanagement and not the brutal oppression, is an insult to all Cuban patriots who have suffered or even died in pursuit of their freedom.”

“Today’s Democrat Party is so far-left and liberal they cannot even stand up against Communism,” Trump said. “Many of them are Communist!”

Thousands of Cubans protested the regime in more than 32 cities Sunday yelling “Freedom!” “Down with Communism!” and “Liberty!”

WH press secretary Jen Psaki stated this week that Cubans were protesting due to “mismanagement” without speaking about communism. This Thursday, however, she also said, “Communism is a failed idea,” and said the repressive regime in Cuba has “failed its citizens.”

The former president applauded the protesters for working against the “heartless and brutal regime” and stood in “total solidarity” over their grievances.

“The proud Cuban people are desperate to remove the iron boot heal of the evil Communist Regime,” Trump said. “These amazing warriors for freedom risk all they have to go to the streets in their desire for freedom.”

“I am in complete solidarity with these freedom fighters who have seem their families go through so much suffering in the motherland at the hands of this brutal and heartless regime.”

Trump called Biden’s lack of response to the Cubans a “betrayal” and that he struggled with the people suffering under socialist powers during his presidency.

“The Biden White House is ruining a historic opportunity to support freedom and human rights within our home region,” Trump said. “The Biden White House is betraying all freedom-loving people in Cuba. I fought for the Cuban people, they didn’t.”

The Trump admin. put fresh sanctions on Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba in a drive to weaken the power of Cuba’s communist regime in April 2019, as the NPR reported.

Author: Scott Dowdy