Trump Faces Outrageous Criminal Investigation in Georgia

The chaos of the Georgia senate elections didn’t end with the Democrats winning both seats. Apparently, liberal prosecutors in the state are now pushing ahead with a criminal investigation into President Trump. This investigation involves his phone call with the state’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger.

Guess which county is behind this agenda.

The same Fulton County that was hit with election fraud accusations after the 2020 elections. It’s not surprising they would go for revenge after winning power. And it’s not surprising that Raffensperger is playing along.

If you listen to the phone call in question, you will know these charges are an absolute joke.

Conspiracy? Racketeering? 

The call was nothing more than a rehash of President Trump’s previous, and public complaints. Even the “smoking gun” where Trump says to “find votes” is nothing more than a statement of Trump’s anticipation of receiving more legitimate votes should fraud be discovered and undone. 

There is absolutely nothing to legitimately pursue here. But nonetheless, democratic prosecutors are not constrained by such realities. Heck, the Mueller investigation is proof of that.

I’ll make my prediction now. This Trump investigation will lead nowhere, just like all the rest. There’s just no evidence of anything illegal during that call.

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