Trump Gets Sweet Revenge On Liberal Conglomerates

During former President Trump’s speech at a Republican dinner this week, he asked for conservatives to boycott all companies that do not support “conservative principles.”

“We must have nationwide boycotts of companies that do not believe in conservative principles. We are not going to buy their products if they are not going to buy our policy. If they won’t respect us, we are not going to do it. Watch how fast these companies change after we do this,” he said.

He also asked for conservatives “to boycott the news media that does not treat us fairly,” but the truth is, it looks like most conservatives are already doing this.

Listen to Trump’s comments below from around the 3:55 mark, or better yet, just look at the whole video from start to end:

The highlights from Trump’s speech was originally revealed on “The Desk of Donald Trump,” a website used to convey Trump’s thoughts and also share news stories.

In this same speech, Trump slammed the Senate and House Republicans who had voted for Democrats’ so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“I say this with a heavy heart — no thank you goes to those in the Senate and House who voted for the Dems’ non-infrastructure bill, also called the Dem. presidential re-election bill. It is only 11 percent infrastructure. So much is Green New Deal crap. Just like tossing money out a window,” he said.

He added that these GOP members had given “Joe Biden a win as his poll numbers were going down.”

“The American public wants us to fight tooth and nail to prevent this multi-trillion-dollar socialist monster bill the Dems are racing to push through. So until this vote, there is only one aim: We must kill this bill,” he said, mentioning the next major bill Dems want to pass.

The former president made these comments in front of the thirteen House GOP members who had voted for the legislation. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis was reportedly the only RINO to show her face.

And according to one attendee who later talked with Juliegrace Brufke of the NY Post, she was left “visibly shaken” by Trump’s criticism.

Author: Steven Sinclaire