Trump Gives Biden’s Top General The Most Humiliating Insult He’s Ever Had

Although President Biden and the United States military left from Afghanistan without any conditions, former President Trump did reveal one mea culpa: hiring the “woke” Mark Milley as Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, who has now revealed his “gross incompetence.”

“When he took that walk, and then turned around and apologized because the radical liberals began getting on him, I realized he was a loser,” Trump said to the “Greg Kelly Reports” show on Newsmax TV concerning Milley’s apology for his walk to the church outside the White House which was set on fire by George Floyd rioters.

“And I had very little respect to him. He was not very good. So I’m not a fan of his at all.”

Trump said to host Greg Kelly he made a failed gamble about Milley after the previous Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, who Trump fired, had come out strongly against Milley.

Trump has long slammed “Mad Dog” Mattis as being among the “most overrated” military leaders, so he believed that if Mattis hated Milley, he might just work out. Trump has now admitted he was completely wrong.

“We did a wonderful job without Mattis,” Trump said. “Once I removed Mattis, we took over — we quickly knocked out ISIS.”

“I said, ‘if he hates Milley this much, maybe this guy will be all right.”

Trump also said that although Milley was hated by Mattis, other military leaders did not have this opinion, he did not see either of them highly, calling both of them ”a couple of guys I thought were just terrible.”

“Not highly, but he was recommended by kind of the next guy there,” Trump said. “But in retrospect, I wouldn’t have made the decision again.”

Like Biden, Milley owns the Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban after the movement was overthrown after the United States military invasion back in 2001.

“And look at what he has done,” Trump said. “He removed the military before he got civilians out, before he got American citizens out, so that reveals gross incompetence.”

This comes at a time when Biden is getting massive pushback on his Afghanistan pull out. His administration has been mostly silent under the onslaught of media criticism.

Author: Blake Ambrose