Trump Gives Bone-Chilling Warning About What Will Happen Before 2024

President Biden is damaged goods. In only eight months, his policy choices and his bad judgment have left the U.S. weaker, poorer, and lowered our standing in the world.

From his open border policy to his foolish choice to abandon Bagram Air Base and then remove troops before American citizens got out, he has done inestimable harm to the U.S..

There is likely no person that sees this more than former President Trump. He has been so horrified by Joe Biden’s reversal of almost all of his policies and successes.

Newsmax host Sean Spicer, who was a Trump team member and media secretary, interviewed his boss this week by telephone.

Trump informed Spicer that, “Our nation has gone way downhill in the past eight months, like no one has ever seen before. And these elections that are coming up in ’22 and ’24, we won’t have a nation left in three years, I will tell you that.”

His remark seemed to be hyperbolic, But that did not prevent some liberals from running with it.

“How is this for a paradox?” said a Huffington Post writer. “Donald Trump is now predicting that America has three years left and is also hinting he might run for office in 2024 ― in three years.”

The article desperately reported that “Trump made these contradictory claims during his interview with Newsmax this week with his former White House media secretary Sean Spicer.”

Although this comment was hyperbole, sadly, there was a lot of truth to it. By almost every measure, the United States is worse off than when President Biden took office.

The problem at our southern border threatens our national security.

This White House’s huge spending has pushed our national debt up to shocking levels and brought inflation.

But the increasing inflation rate and the debt does not seem to bother Biden or other Democrats. They are still attempting to ram through a $3.5 trillion bill that they say is about “human infrastructure.” Thanks to Senator Joe Manchin, the West Virginia Dem, the final legislation might get whittled down to $1.5-$2 trillion, which is still too much and inflationary, but still an improvement.

This bill would create new entitlements which are not easy to stop or reverse once implemented.

Democrats still have over a year left of single-party rule. And whether it is Joe Biden or maybe even President Kamala Harris, whoever calls the shots in the White House will be a Democrat for three more years, so Democrats will mostly control many policies.

Because of this, Trump is right, America is in deep, deep trouble.

Author: Blake Ambrose