Trump Gives GM Ultimatum

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Donald Trump won the White House by promising to put America first. In his first three years in office, he’s fought tirelessly to end a policy of globalism that has striped America of good jobs, while enriching the world. He’s scored one victory after another, bringing millions of new jobs back to the U.S.

But one major company decided to stab Trump in the back, while slashing tens of thousands of jobs.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he made a stern warning to any company that would lay off American workers and ship jobs to other countries. He particularly called out car manufacturer Ford, who had just announced they would shut down a Michigan plant and move to Mexico.

In no uncertain terms, Trump promised, as president, he would punish Ford with a 35% tariff on every car made in Mexico and shipped to the U.S.

Once Trump became president, Ford announced they were not moving! Big surprise.

Since entering office, Trump has established numerous policies, agendas, and trade deals that put American workers first. Much to the outrage of the D.C. establishment.

The swamp dwellers in our government have been selling out Americans for decades. They’ve promised to help up, while taking millions of big businesses and foreign powers. When they entered office, they looked the other way as companies shipped jobs overseas. In some cases, our lawmakers and presidents passed laws that made it easier to companies to plunder American jobs.

That all rapidly changed when Trump entered office. Not only did he fight to bring jobs back to America, he passed controversial trade tariffs on imported goods, to protect American companies. He eliminated terrible regulation from Obama that crippled numerous industries.

The results speak for themselves. Our economy has been roaring to life. Americans have more opportunity than ever before. Unemployment is reaching record lows. And workers are taking home more pay.

But the globalists are still out there. They continue to seek ways of killing American jobs and dumping them overseas. All so they can save a few bucks (and get much richer).

General Motors stunned the country when they announced the closing of not one, but FOUR American plants. While expanding their Mexico and China plants. Trump was not pleased.

President Donald Trump this weekend called out multinational corporation General Motors (GM) for closing its first of four U.S. assembly plants it expects to shutter this year, urging GM CEO Mary Barra to quickly reopen the plant…

The production closures come after GM laid off about 1,500 American workers in Lordstown in 2018, while their Mexico production remains unaffected and production in China ramps up.

At the beginning of this year, GM executives began laying off 14,700 workers in the United States and Canada, with the majority of the layoffs concentrated in Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, and Texas, including at least 3,300 American factory workers. [Source: Breitbart]

There are always legitimate reasons for a company to lay off workers. But the sheer number of closings and layoffs in this case are unacceptable. Entire communities will be devastated. Thousands of families will be left in the lurch.

All the while, workers in China and Mexico will be just fine. How can anyone in America be okay with that?

In the past, Democrats would have rioted over this kind of news. The party that once pretended to care about blue collar workers and unions, no longer even bothers. They say nothing when major companies shut down in the U.S., putting working and middle class families out of work.

In fact, during Obama’s time in office, the corporate tax was so high, companies were moving offices overseas as a record pace.

All that has changed under Trump. And he’s firing back at GM’s CEO.

In a series of online posts to Twitter, Trump said GM executives needed to devise a plan, quickly, to reopen the Lordstown plant, writing that Barra and others “must act quickly.”

In another Twitter post, Trump wrote that he had spoken with Barra and that he did not “care” who was to blame for the closure of the Ohio plant, writing that he “just want[s] it open!” [Source: Breitbart]

The CEO claims it was the union’s fault. But they want to close numerous plants, not just the one represented by this union chapter.

Trump has a variety of avenues to punish GM if they continue on this course. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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