Trump Haters Send Letter, Pleads With Him To Join In Attack

In the House, they passed strict gun control measures that would erode your right to bear arms. But it has no chance of passing in the Senate, which enjoys a Republican majority. In a shocking move, two of Trump’s biggest enemies wrote him a letter, begging for his help. This is pretty rich.

Soon after shootings took place over the summer, President Trump signaled his support to end the violence. Among his many suggestions to Congress, he mentioned meaningful improvements to background checks. Democrats pounced on this one statement, ignoring all the rest, as a sign that Trump was joining them in passing heavier gun control laws.

Let’s face the facts, friends. Background checks do not work in stopping gun violence. We’ve seen people acquire guns—legally—and go on to harm others. A more recent event, involving a man stopped by the police, proved you can still get a gun despite failing background checks.

What new measures would change that? Except subjecting law-abiding citizens to more invasive examination by the government. Do you want the FBI or other federal agencies digging through your private life, just to exercise your Second Amendment rights? I doubt it.

Stricter background checks would discourage Americans from buying guns. That is the left’s plan, after all. They don’t want law-abiding Americans to own or safely operate firearms. They want us disarmed, weak, and defenseless.

Meanwhile, criminals and would-be shooters would still get their hands on weapons.

President Trump understands this. He offered many options to curb the shootings. That included a focus on mental health as well as possible stronger background checks. Democrats only want to make it harder for you to acquire a gun. So, Trump backed away from background checks, saying he would not support them.

Now, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi think they can guilt Trump into passing more gun control, by sending him a letter begging for his help.

Calling the moment “critical,” Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent President Trump a letter on Sunday urging him to expand background checks and use his influence to sway Republicans in the Senate who blocked the bill passed by the House earlier this year.

The letter mentioned earlier reports that Trump has signaled an openness to stricter background checks. Last month, Hogan Gidley, the White House principal deputy press secretary, told Fox News that Trump is for meaningful checks, but Democrats seize on any willingness to compromise and say “no, unless you’re for saying to Hell with the Second Amendment and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, then you are responsible for the deaths of people across the country.” [Source: Fox News]

This is really something. Just think back to all the times both Schumer and Pelosi have slandered Trump in the press. They’ve called him a bigot, racist, and everything else. They’ve refused to work with him on immigration reform and other key issues.

Yet now, with the House’s gun control billing in jeopardy, they beg Trump to force the Senate to pass their own gun bill. How pathetic.

Do you really think Trump will listen to these clowns? After all the times he’s needed their support? Pelosi once walked out of meeting and immediately trashed Trump. He hasn’t forgotten.

They only reason they’re doing this is because—with recent shootings still in our memory—they can manipulate Congress into passing strict, anti-Second Amendment bills. They love to use emotion and tragedy to force their agenda. They don’t want to wait until people calm down and can think rationally.
Otherwise, they can just wait until Trump is voted out of office, right?

But Chuck and Nancy know that’s a longshot. They need Trump to back their agenda, now. But Trump’s not budging.

Maybe you guys should have worked with Trump on the 1000’s of other issues he requested. There’s no way he’ll bow to you now, especially over something that would strip Americans of rights.

But I doubt Chuck and Nancy will see the irony in all this.

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