Trump-Hating Media Exec Gets The Worst News Of His Career

It’s difficult to fathom why anyone would hire or retain Brian Stelter at CNN. The fact that CNN has kept him for so long proves how little their media coverage matters.

Jeff Zucker is out, and the new Discovery owners want to return CNN to its news roots by limiting political debate. That’s not great for Brian Stelter, who doesn’t focus on reporting news but rather attacking Fox.

On Friday, we saw how Stelter rose to new heights of sycophancy as a shill for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who attacked Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Psaki said that Doocy was given questions by Fox in order to ask her, and that the statement “may make anyone sound like a dumb son of a b**.”

She didn’t criticize him straight, according to Stelter. Not only that, but he didn’t bash her attack on the media or their right to ask inquiries. If it had been the Trump White House, we would not have heard the end of it — we would have heard how the media was being intimidated and that democracy was on its way out.

But now there is rumor that Stelter’s days could be numbered at CNN.

“Brian Stelter’s days at the network are numbered, according to sources,” journalist Jon Nicosia reports.

“Discovery management considers him a henchman of Zucker and an embarrassment,” as well as “a negative partisan influence and distraction going forward.”

Is it possible for us to laugh any harder than the long arm of karma may soon be chopping down on him? Stelter is one of the few people in media–at any level–who deserves to be fired. And if they get rid of him, who would hire? His prospects look bleak. Where could he possibly go? To MSNBC, where Jen Psaki will reign supreme as queen of drama? Not likely.

The media in America has been out of control in the past few years. It seems that Trump Derangement syndrome and anti-white schizophrenia has taken over the upper elite of American journalism and has led to an outright slaughter of their credibility.

Author: Blake Ambrose