Trump Hilariously Mocks Biden Family Corruption With This One-Liner

Former President Trump has slammed the Biden White House in a Friday comment for being “crooked” and then mocked Hunter’s shadowy painting career, saying it had “inspired him to immediately start painting.”

“While I have never tried painting before, Hunter has inspired me to start because I have always felt I have a talent at it, and could surely get around $2 million dollars per painting—and probably much more. I will start immediately. Our nation is crooked as hell!” Trump said.

The president’s son reportedly auctioned five are pieces to anonymous buyers on Oct. 1 for $75,000 each at his LA exhibit. Hunter’s new cash cow has caused concerns of possible Biden family corruption, as the issue of money laundering within the art world remains a big problem.

“We still do not know who buys the paintings but the president is proud of his son,” White House media secretary Jen Psaki said, even though White House ethics experts’ were worried about the arrangement between Hunter and his art dealer to keep their buyers anonymous.

Trump also spoke about the Justice Dept.’s reinstatement of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Former AG Jeff Sessions fired McCabe back in 2018 for lying to investigators about giving unauthorized information to the WSJ about Clinton’s email servers. The firing happened only one day before McCabe’s retirement, a firing which his lawyers said was politically motivated because of his role in the Russian investigation.

“Isn’t it horrible that all of McCabe’s benefits and pension, etc., were just completely reinstated by the Justice Dept.? This was yet another mockery to our nation,” Trump stated. “Among many other things, McCabe’s wife got hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from Clinton and the Democrats while Corrupt Hillary was being investigated, which was quickly stopped, of course.”

Trump called new events a “bad chapter” for the FBI and said the agency’s decline was sad because “so many GREAT people are there.”

“Next thing you know the two lovers, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, will get awards for what they did, and Hunter will be given a clean pass for everything done by him, with everyone to get as payment a beautiful Hunter painting selling at your local art gallery for $50K,” he said.

Author: Blake Ambrose