Trump Holds Nothing Back — Delivers Finishing Blow To Biden

During an exclusive interview on Fox News this Tuesday, Donald Trump did not hold back in speaking about his successor’s handling — or lack thereof — of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. By the end of his reply to Hannity’s initial question, Trump had answered more questions about the chaos in Afghanistan than Biden had.

“It’s a terrible time for our nation,” Trump said, “there is nothing like what is happened here in our history.”

“I looked at the huge cargo plane yesterday,” said Trump about the horrifying video of a plane taking off from Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul that revealed Afghan citizens “being blown off the plane at 2,000 feet… no one has ever handled a troop withdrawal worse than Biden.”

“The Taliban encircled the airport and who knows if our people will be treated,” Trump stated. “We could have 40,000 American citizens — not to mention other people who helped out in Afghanistan — we could have as much as 40,000 American hostages,” said Trump about the U.S. citizens still inside Afghanistan who have an uncertain future.

Sharing what he would have done differently, Trump said his priorities. “I get the Americans out first,” he says. “Then take out all the equipment” we brought over “that Russia will now be looking at, and China,” Trump warned. “Get our equipment out, and then the soldiers out.” Trump’s final step, he said, would have been to “destroy the forts” to leave the Taliban without an advantage.

Calling the videos the world watched happen across Afghanistan and in the fall of the capitol city “the most embarrassing moment in the history of our nation,” Trump blasted not just Joe Biden but “a lot of generals that should not be generals.”

“We have the top military in the world and we are giving it a bad reputation,” Trump said about the Biden admin.’s almost seven months in power.

Trump shared a discussion he had with the Taliban while he was president in which he threatened “if anything bad happens to Americans — or anyone else — or you ever come over to our country, we will hit you with a force that no nation has ever been hit with before.”

“We were respected worldwide,” Trump said about his time in Washington. “I have never realized how important… a President, the leader of this nation is,” he said. “We are not respected anymore.”

Author: Scott Dowdy