Trump Issues His First Insult Of The 2024 Race, Against A Top Republican

President Donald Trump has recently become critical of Florida Gov. DeSantis in his conversations with those who are in his inner circle, which may be a potential sign that Donald Trump views the popular conservative gov. as a possible primary challenger in the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign.

Axios reported this week that Donald Trump has taken to describing Gov. DeSantis as having a “dull personality,” while also expressing his willingness to go up against the Florida Governor during the 2024 GOP primary. Donald Trump has increasingly recognized that Gov. DeSantis could be a possible competitor due to his refusal to rule out a potential 2024 campaign.

The source that was quoted by Axios has reportedly overheard Donald Trump criticize Ron DeSantis on many different occasions.

“He says Governor DeSantis has a dull personality and has no personal charisma,” said the source of the President. Ron DeSantis ran for governor of Florida in 2018 by putting himself out there as one of the most pro-Trump candidates there was, even going so far as to record an advertisement in which he was teaching his young child about President Donald Trump.

Vaccine politics have arisen as a possible point of contention between the two, with Donald Trump knocking Ron DeSantis for declining to talk about the vaccine booster shots. Both men appeared to share the same policy belief on the topic- anti-mandate, pro-vaccine – but Donald Trump has proven more enthusiastic when it comes to defending the efficacy and safety of the medicine, which is very unpopular with a part of the Republican base.

Trump has also openly said he believes that he would beat DeSantis in the event that the two were pinned against each other in the 2024 primary election, in which the Florida governor would attempt to outflank the former Pres. on the basis of his coronavirus policies and possibly his own comparative youth. Polling consistently shows that former Pres. Trump would possess a huge polling lead at the outset of a primary campaign, with some surveys showing that Trump with would have the majority of Republican support.

Author: Blake Ambrose