Trump Jr. And Ivanka Give This Blistering Response To Witch-Hunting Dems

After NY Attorney General Letitia James subpoenaed Ivanka Trump and Trump Jr. during her investigation into the Trump Organization, both Trump kids have signaled they will not go along with the order.

As reported by ABC News, James and a Trump Organization lawyer jointly filed a paper on Monday explaining, “A dispute has come up between the OAG and the Trump Parties about the Subpoenas.”

Neither Trump Jr. nor Ivanka Trump is going to comply with James’ subpoenas, ABC said. Instead, both will file motions to defeat them.

In a Dec. article, The Washington Post went over the scope of James’ investigation into the Donald Trump Organization. The outlet said that James was trying to determine if fraud “permeated the Trump Organization.”

James wanted to take a deposition from Trump on January 7 in her NY office, the Post said.

In a comment, the Trump Organization said it had no plans to go along with such a request.

“This is a political witch-hunt,” the comment said, as reported by the Post.

“The only focus of the NY AG is to investigate Donald Trump, all for her own ambitions … This political prosecution is now illegal and is a travesty to our legal system.”

Ronald Fischetti, who has served as an attorney for Trump during accusations of fraud in his finances, also spoke of Trump’s plan to fight James’ legal request.

Fischetti said James was suspiciously working along with Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr., who is overseeing a criminal probe into the Trump Organization in addition to the James’ civil probe.

“What she was doing, Letitia James, is partnering with the DA’s office, working hand-in-hand with Vance,” Fischetti said. “This is their opportunity to get Donald Trump’s testimony and then give it to the district attorney’s office.”

As reported by the Post, both parties are looking at the possibility that the Trump Organization was illegally “giving low values to property tax officers, while in fact using high ones to get tax breaks or impress bank lenders.”

Eric Trump was already questioned in Oct. 2020. He eventually chose to go along with the subpoena after initially stating he planned to fight it.

It is well within the rights of Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump to issue motions to stop the subpoenas.

Nonetheless, Dem donor Jon Cooper said on Twitter they should both be sent to prison.

Author: Steven Sinclaire