Trump Makes Democrats Pay For What They’ve Done To America

President Trump has recently given his comments on several topics facing Americans. This week, he put out a series of comments about the media’s crime surge cover up, a new attack on a former senator and new claims by Ohio candidates who claim they have his backing.

Trump started his comments by going for the media for censoring the nation’s huge crime surge. The 45th president stated that taxpayers need their police back and should feel safe again. This comes as violence destroys large cities with at least 70 people shot and 12 murdered in Liberal Chicago over the weekend.

“What can these Chicago officers do? They can keep being courageous,” said Chicago Police Dept. Superintendent David Brown. “My question is what can the courts do different?”

However, Trump asserted that “fraudulent nightly news has given zero minutes to crime” because they would instead guard the Democrat’s extreme agenda than the lives of Americans.

Trump then went on to hit back against the defund the police movement after former California Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted in Oakland, a city where extreme liberals cut police funding. He bashed Democrat-ran cities for defunding their police, saying that they have “turned into a paradise for criminals all thanks to Democrats.”

Trump urged lawmakers to help police and warned that America might never be safe without a strong police force. His comments come as police witness more officers abandon their duties.

Meanwhile, Trump also criticized Ohio candidates who are running for Congress who say he supports them. He said several people who are running in the state’s 15th Congressional District say they have his support when he does not “even know who they are.” Trump made it clear he only knows and fully endorses Republican Mike Carey who he has endorsed last month.

Trump has recently gotten more outspoken through his website,, leading to new rumors he might be thinking about a new run in 2024.

Polls show Trump would be the front runner among Republicans by far, should he seek another term in office. With the number two candidate being Florida Governor DeSantis.

Author: Blake Ambrose