Trump Outmaneuvers Pelosi And Her Witch Hunt Crew

Former President Trump filed a lawsuit this Monday against the January 6 House select committee and the U.S. National Archives in order to block the release of documents about the protest at the United States Capitol.

The January 6 House select committee looking into the event at the Capitol has subpoenaed numerous former Trump aides, including Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows and former official Kash Patel. Trump has repeatedly slammed the investigation, and a memo given Monday by Taylor Budowich, the Save America PAC’s director of comms., said it was “hyper-partisan and not legitimate.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in the D.C. court, names Dem Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson as one defendant. Thomson serves as the January 6 committee’s chairman. Trump also names the current national archivist David Ferriero and the U.S. National Archives as defendants.

“The U.S. House Select Committee (the ‘Committee’) has chosen to harass President Donald Trump and senior staff members of his White House (among others) by sending an unfounded, illegal records request to the U.S. Archivist,” the lawsuit says. “This sweeping request is almost unlimited in scope and effectively seeks every record and communication that might tenuously relate to the events that happened on Jan. 6, 2021.”

The lawsuit asks for this request to be invalidated and also asks that the National Archives be blocked from handing over documents to Congress during the probe. Trump has said these documents are covered under executive privilege, though President Biden’s team previously blocked Trump’s request to withhold these materials for this same reason.

“The Committee’s request is nothing less than an illegal fishing expedition supported by Biden and created to unconstitutionally investigate Trump and his team. Our laws do not allow for such an impulsive action against a former President and his advisors,” the lawsuit, issued by Trump’s lawyers, says.

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon, another person facing a subpoena, has refused to comply with this request and now faces possible criminal charges for contempt. Biden told journalists Friday evening that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) should go after those who do not comply with the subpoenas, saying that he hopes “the committee goes after them and keeps them accountable.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire