Trump Plans New Border Force – But It’s Not The Military

By Jon Brenner March 17th, 2019 | Image Source: YouTube

Democrats didn’t think Donald would dare – but he needs more help.

President Trump has been throwing the full power of the United States government at the border crisis.

But with Congress trying to stop him, even the military, border patrol, and new walls are not enough.

So Trump is considering a new force to the border – and he could tap into millions to help him.

From Politico:

The Trump administration may send a volunteer emergency response team to assist with security and humanitarian efforts at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to four current and former officials briefed on the discussions.

So Trump is exploring more ways to secure the border, and one would be to send a volunteer force to help out.

We’ve already seen this happen a few times.

Remember when groups went to the border and linked arms to form a human wall?

There are also private citizens raising money to build portions of the wall at much cheaper rates than the government can.

And now everyday American citizens could get a chance to go help stop what many are calling an “invasion” of America.

The Washington swamp doesn’t realize how important securing the border is for average Americans.

It’s so important, many are willing to spend their time, money and energy to go and protect it.

All for the future of America, for our children and grandchildren.

Author: Jon Brenner

Source: Patriotjournal: Trump Plans New Border Force – But It’s Not The Military

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