Trump Releases New Immigration Plan–Sends Democrats Running

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

As the crisis on our border continues to grow, Donald Trump is taking action. Democrats refuse to do anything to confront or even acknowledge our weak immigration system. Not waiting for them to come around, the president has released his immigration plan. It will fulfill every promise he’s made.

Long before migrant caravans bombarded our border, our immigration system was broken. Our laws allow for countless people to enter our country—without proper vetting or standards. Did you know we have a “lottery” for deciding who gets to come into America? Hard-working immigrants—or immigrants with degrees or experience—aren’t given priority. It’s all up to chance.

And thanks to “chain migration” rules, when one person is allowed in, they can bring many members of their extended family—even people who would never be approved by the government.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Catch-and-release ensures that illegal aliens can stick around and never be deported. DACA gives millions of aliens a get-out-of-jail free card. And the H1-B Visa program has been a backdoor for sending white-collar jobs overseas.

Democrats don’t seem to care about how our outdated and broken immigration system is hurting Americans. In fact, they want things to be bad. If the economy suffers due to bad policy, then they can take advantage of it to get more power.

Donald Trump was elected president because he promised to save the economy and fix our immigration system. After only two years, he’s done the impossible with our economy. Now, he’s taking sight on our immigration laws. He’s just proposed a plan to the Senate that will fix all our major problems.

The new White House immigration plan presented to Republican senators Tuesday focuses on increased border security and a merit-based legal immigration program, a senior administration official told The Daily Caller…

There are specifically six goals that the plan aims at addressing: securing the border, protecting American wages, attracting and retaining the best and brightest, unifying families, labor in critical industries and retaining the United States’ humanitarian values. Border officials and immigration experts had a hand in crafting the policies that they believed would achieve those goals. [Source: Daily Caller]

Those six major goals will address most of the problems our immigration system faces.

Securing the border will come in the form of—you guessed it—a physical barrier along the border as well as modernizing our ports of entry. Specifically, preventing drug runners and human traffickers from sneaking through our ports.

The plan calls for a merit-based immigration system that will create a points-based system similar to ones used in Australian and New Zealand.

The White House has said this new proposal will strip down our current, flawed immigration system to its base and rebuild it, from scratch. That’s a good thing. Our current system is a mess of rules, regulations, and policies that are no longer relevant or full of loopholes.

It’s far overdue that we reformed our immigration system so that only vetted and qualified people were able to come to this country. There are far too many holes that let illegal aliens and criminals into the United States.

President Trump has signed off on this proposal and is garnering support from Senate Republicans. Already many have signaled positive feedback from the plan. But there will be a long battle to get it signed into law.

It might pass easily through the Republican-controlled Senate. But the House is controlled by Democrats with a slim majority. Democrats have fought immigration reform for decades. They don’t want Trump fixing the biggest problem facing our country.

Thanks to Obama, our immigration system has become a laughing-stock around the world. Obama made it so that it’s nearly impossible to prevent illegal immigration. On top of that, good people who want to come here legally have to wait for years.

What will it take for the left to sign off on this new proposal? I’m not sure. Pressure from the Senate and White House might urge some Democrats to back this plan—if they want any support in return.

But given recent history, Democrats will most-likely shut down the government before they approve any kind of immigration reform.

Perhaps if they are all voted out of office, things will actually get done…

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