Trump Releases Whistleblower Docs — Holes Show up Everywhere

Democrats ran full steam ahead with their attempt to impeach Donald Trump. But before they could ask a question, the president released the transcript and whistleblower complaint. And what do you know? The so-called complaint has more than a few problems with it. The left’s impeachment agenda is derailed before it could even gain speed.

Most of the week’s news has surrounded this “impeachment inquiry.” I apologize if you wanted to know about anything else going on in the world. The mainstream media is utter biased and won’t move away from this. They are determined to help their buddies in Congress impeach an innocent man.

Everything hinges on a phone call President Trump had with Ukraine’s president in July. A still unnamed whistleblower (whom we know is a partisan) claims that Trump tried to coerce aid from Ukraine to help his campaign.

We know that’s false. Firstly, because Trump doesn’t need help taking down Joe Biden. Joe Biden does enough to help the president get re-elected!

Second, once the complaint was released, we learned it had numerous inconsistencies. In fact, many believe the person didn’t even have knowledge of the phone call in question. They got dates and important facts wrong. They even admitted they hadn’t read the transcript!

Sure… let’s impeach a president over that. It’s like trying to stop a Supreme Court Justice nominee over 30-year-old, unprovable sexual allegations. Oh wait… oops!

Here are some of the holes in the whistleblower’s story.

An unnamed Ukrainian official said that Kiev was not made aware that the U.S. suspended security funds until a month after President Trump’s call with his Ukranian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, which calls into question the whistleblower’s account and Democrats’ arguments that there was a quid pro quo for the aid…

According to the whistleblower complaint, by mid-May, U.S. diplomat Kurt Volker sought to “contain the damage” from Giuliani’s outreach to Ukraine.

But a July 19 text message conversation from Volker to Giuliani, provided to Fox News on Thursday, showed that Volker had in fact encouraged Giuliani to reach out to Ukraine. [Source: Fox News]

There are two very important claims from the complaint that are factually untrue. The whistleblower says Trump withheld aid from Ukraine to force them to help him. Yet the Ukrainian government didn’t even know about the temporarily suspended funds until much later—a month after the call.

How could the whistleblower get that wrong?

Then he claimed U.S. diplomat Kurt Volker was trying to stop Giuliani from reaching out to Ukraine. Guess what? Volker specifically contacted Giuliani, asking him to reach out to the country. The exact opposite of what the whistleblower says.

Gee, this guy wants us to impeach the president but is giving us one bad lead after another!

Republican leaders are asking—if the details of the complaint came from White House staffers—why didn’t anyone that knew about the call file their own complaint? The whistleblower is simply reporting on stuff he heard about from White House staffers. If all this was so serious, why didn’t anyone with real knowledge of the call report on it?

On top of that, the whistleblower said Trump demanded the Ukrainian servers used by the Democrats and examined by CrowdStrike. According to the released transcript, President Trump never said that.

Numerous other holes were found in the complaint, such as saying the current Ukrainian prosecutor was on the call (he wasn’t) or that a State Department official was on the call (there wasn’t).

It’s clear this “whistleblower” fabricated a complaint based on hearsay and rumor. He (or she) generated a complaint made up of false accusations so that Democrats could push an unjust impeachment inquiry. All the while, trusting the fake news media to broadcast it as “The End of the Trump Administration.”

It’s a scheme we’ve seen before. But this time, Nancy Pelosi was stupid enough to join in. Now House Democrats will be forced to either impeach or back down. Either way, they’re doomed.

Hmm… maybe they should have, you know, not been so eager to take down the one man helping American citizens.

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