Trump Reveals His Plan For Revenge — And It’s a Doozy

Former President Trump told Mark Levin what a few of his priorities would be in fixing what he thinks President Biden has messed up.

Levin, noted that Donald Trump believes the current President will be labeled as the “worst president” in American history.

He then highlighted the economic gains that were made by minorities during Trump’s presidency. In 2019 the unemployment rate of Hispanic, Asian, and black Americans reached its lowest point that has ever been recorded.

“Are you able to think of anything President Biden has accomplished that has united the American people, helped minorities, or is positive at all?” Levin asked.

Trump then said that the Biden administration is “way worse” and even more divisive than former President Obama’s was.

The former president noted that some of Obama’s main economic advisers — such as Jason Furman and Lawrence Summers — have criticized Joe Biden’s government spending policies as inflationary.

“Obama’s people are telling Biden’s people, ‘You can not do this.’ But they move forward anyway,” Trump said.

Trump went on to list what his priorities would be to change what Biden has done.

“We have to focus on borders, we must get back to free enterprise and we also need media that is equal and fair. We do not have it. What has went on with Big Tech is disgraceful,” Trump said.

“We have many things to do, and it is going to happen. I think we have the people on our team. I believe we have the majority.”

“Why would you not want voter ID? Why would you not want a strong military? A protective border?” he added. “Who actually wants to have millions of people coming into our country?”

Trump said that people in this country who love the US can’t believe what they are seeing at our border.

He argued that the Biden administration is “giving away” the United States’ “tremendous potential.”

He added that the country will reach a place of no return if it keeps going in this direction, but he does not believe it will occur.

“I think very big things are going to happen for republicans during the midterm elections,” Trump said, “and I believe there will be a great result in 2024.”

Author: Blake Ambrose