Trump Reveals How He Plans To Dominate Biden During Debate

Photo Via Reuters

The Trump campaign just revealed that they plan to go after Joe Biden over the ever-expanding foreign corruption his family is tied to at the next debate – regardless of whether or not the left-wing debate moderator decides to cover the subject.

John Miller, senior adviser for the Trump campaign told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that even if the debate moderator doesn’t bring up the damming Hunter Biden emails – which reveal hard evidence of crimes committed by the Biden family – President Trump will.

“We’re going to talk about Biden’s support for endless wars, we’re going to talk about the pallets of cash, Maria, that they loaded up—billions of dollars, sent them to Iran, and then you better believe we’re going to talk about all the foreign corruption, the foreign money that has been coming into the Biden family,” Miller said.

During the interview, Miller also denounced a decision by the Presidential Debate Commission not to include a topic on foreign policy, which in an earlier tweet Miller said was “so Joe Biden wouldn’t have to answer to being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, supporting endless wars, and sending pallets of cash to Iran.”

“I think Joe Biden is compromised. He’s clearly compromised by the Chinese, if not multiple other governments,” Miller said, adding that Biden has so far “dodged this multiple times” but that Trump would call him out on the subject during their next debate.

Committed to forcing Biden to answer tough questions for once, President Trump’s campaign manager sent a two-page letter on Monday to the Commission on Presidential Debates, asking the committee to “rethink and reissue” the topics that will be discussed during this week’s upcoming presidential debate in Nashville.

“For the good of campaign integrity, and for the benefit of the American people, we urge you to rethink and reissue a set of topics for the October 22 debate with an emphasis on foreign policy,” Bill Stepien tweeted on Monday.

As Stepien noted, the upcoming debate topics included fighting COVID-19, American families, national security, leadership, climate change, and race in America. “The topics announced by Kristen Welker … are serious and worthy of discussion, but only a few of them even touch on foreign policy,” Stepien said.

The campaign said that the Commission on Presidential Debates had committed to making foreign policy the central focus on the debate.

Stepien further accused the commission of adding to a broader pattern of “pro-Biden antics.” “The Commission’s pro-Biden antics have turned the entire debate season into a fiasco and it is little wonder why the public has lost its faith in objectivity,” Stepien said.

Thursday’s debate comes as multiple news reports have exposed Joe Biden’s ties to Chinese and Ukrainian business interests through his son Hunter.

Fox News reported on Saturday that one of the individuals on a controversial email thread confirmed a message that purportedly showed an equity split benefiting the former vice president for a Chinese company with close ties to the Communist Chinese Party.

Trump used the scandal surrounding Biden to suggest that he abused his position as vice president to enrich himself at the expense of the American people.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows suggested on Monday that even more explosive news would soon be revealed surrounding the Biden crime family, “in the days to come.”

“I find it fascinating that some of the monies that appear to be flowing to the Biden family broadly come from Romania, from Ukraine, and from China, the very three countries that Joe Biden was special envoy to [as vice president],” Meadows told interviewer Elizabeth MacDonald.

The chief of staff added that Joe Biden, now the Democratic nominee for president, is going to have “a lot of explaining to do.”

“The comparisons are very troubling,” Meadows went on. “So it’s not surprising they’d [the Biden campaign would] say, ‘We’re not going to talk to the press.’”

The Biden campaign has denied wrongdoing, but Biden has elected to retreat to his basement until Thursdays debate. The corrupt former vice president will not be campaigning leading up to the final presidential debate in Nashville as he, instead looks to hide from any potential media scrutiny.

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