Trump Sets a Trap To Catch Democrat Cheaters

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis and allies are creating the Election Integrity Alliance to prevent voter fraud similar to the events of the 2020 election.

“The Election Integrity Alliance will organize efforts across the country to fight election fraud and will provide resources to lawmakers and the public on problems to fair elections,” Ellis said.

The group will be a subsidiary under the American Greatness Fund. The organization will feature a scorecard and is forming a coalition of activists and groups nationwide.

“Fair elections are the central part of our government that has power only with the consent of those being governed. In this system, We The People choose those who will govern us, and no person has the right by corruption to take power,” the Election Integrity Alliance website reads.

“Only with election integrity can our government meet its legitimate role in society. America was built on the fact that our rights are God-given. The only purpose of government is to protect those rights,” the group continues.

“Election integrity should stay non-partisan. The Election Integrity Alliance’s goal is to support Congress, the states, and voters to create a more perfect Union,” the website says.

Ellis is joined by Texas A.G. Ken Paxton, former Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka, former Trump adviser Peter Navarro, constitutional attorney Michael Donnelly, former NY City police commissioner Bernie Kerik, and former Trump legal assistant Mirna Tarraf on this program.

The extent of election corruption in this nation has shocked millions of people. The Election Integrity Fund will be successful in their agenda, or democracy will fail and never return.

Author: Scott Dowdy