Trump Slams Anti-White Democrats, Demand They Leave The Country

Donald Trump has come out strong against Critical Race Theory, saying it is “flagrant racism” that is being pushed into “every part of our society” during a speech to Arizonan Republicans on Saturday.

Trump slammed the Biden admin. and the Democrats’ demand to insert Critical Race Theory into all aspects of American society, lowering American exceptionalism, and injecting the anti-white ideology into the nation’s most sacred institutions, such as the U.S. military.

Talking at Turning Point USA’s “Protect Our Elections Rally” in Arizona, Trump put his sights on Democrats for grabbing onto an ideology that puts “America last,” in complete contradiction to his own America first agenda.

“We should not be apologizing to the world,” said the former president. “We are apologizing for America, just like Obama did. They should be apologizing to Americans for what they have done to it.”FV

“The Biden admin.’s ‘America last’ agenda … is also making a complete mockery of our nation right here at home,” he added. “This year, he signed an executive order forcing toxic, critical race theory onto our children an into our military. This poisonous anti-white doctrine is flagrant hate, clear and simple, and it has no place in our nation, schools or military.”

Trump mentioned Biden’s first day after his inauguration when the liberal signed an executive order to rescind Trump’s prohibition on CRT in the federal government. Contractors who indoctrinated their employees with the ideology would get banned from subsidies or doing business with the government.

“If you recall, I ended it very quickly with an executive order, but that executive order was immediately terminated by the radical left,” Trump said. “A GOP Congress will defund it and stop it for good. They are going to ban it.”

Trump also slammed General Mark Milley, whom he appointed to his current position during his time in the White House. In June, Milley defended Critical Race Theory being taught in the military, which Trump has routinely called a “Marxist ideology.”

Trump questioned the military’s pushing and prioritization of CRT over combat readiness against America’s threats and rivals.

Can you believe this?” Trump said. “He said he would like to, quote, ‘understand White rage.’ What the hell is he referring to? Our generals should not be working on learning liberal ideology. They should be focused on winning future wars. Hopefully, we do not have them, but we must win them if we do.”

Author: Blake Ambrose