Trump Swoops In To Save The Day After Biden Does Nothing

Former President Trump is supporting the Cuban protestors in their efforts to push for freedom from the communist Castro regime.

“Huge demonstrations are happening in Miami and Cuba in protest of the Communist Government (although, now there are no protesters in Cuba—which you can imagine what that means!). Don’t forget that Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted to reverse my very hard stance on the Cuba regime.”

“Remember when President Obama went to baseball games with the dictator Castro while he killed or imprisoned the Cuban people,” Trump said in his comment on Monday.

“I stand with the Cuban people all the way in their struggle for freedom. The Government should let them be free and speak! Biden has to stand up to the Communist dictatorship or—history won’t forget his mistake. The Cuban citizens deserve human rights and freedom! THEY ARE NOT SCARED!”

Back in 2017, President Trump went to Miami to support Cuban dissidents and talked about the evil of communism.

“Many of you saw terrible crimes being done in service of an evil ideology. You witnessed the dreams of generations being held captive, and you saw what communism has done. You know faces that vanished, innocents locked away, and believers persecuted for believing in God,” Trump said.

“You watched the Women in White bloodied, and captured as they made their way to and from Mass. You have heard the horrifying cries of loved ones, or the firing squads breaking through the ocean breeze.”

“The dissidents here have seen communism destroy a country, just as communism destroyed every nation where it has ever been attempted,” he said. “But we will not stay silent against communist oppression. You have witnessed the truth, you have spoken the truth, and the truth has now called us to action.”

Watch below:

Meanwhile, Biden has come under criticism for waiting too long before issuing his own support for the Cuban people. With his team putting out a strange Sunday tweet that seemed to blame the protests on the pandemic along with economic issues, and not on freedom. This is something that Biden changed on Monday when he issued a new declaration of support for freedom fighters in Cuba.

Author: Blake Ambrose