Trump Takes The GOP To Court — Demands This Change

Trump is staying selective on how his name is showcased, as he condemned GOP organizations for using his brand to bring in money.

This weekend, lawyers representing Trump sent cease-and-desist letters to the three biggest fundraising organizations for the Republican party. The National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Republican Senate Committee and the Republican National Committee were all notified of Trump’s disapproval, and were asked to stop future marketing.

Friday, the RNC released an email requesting that supporters add their name to a “thank you” card for President Donald Trump. The same day, they sent yet another email warning there was less than 10-hours to sign.

Trump has been reluctant to keep working with establishment organizations, after 10 GOP members went over party lines and joined with Democrats to vote to impeach him. And these organizations have kept supporting these RINOS.

Trump has maintained his opinion that Republicans who voted against him should be removed from office in the next election.

“Now more than ever is the time for energetic, strong and tough GOP leaders who have steal spines,” Trump said. “We must have strong leadership. We cannot have candidates who have more enthusiasm for condemning other Americans than they have ever had for standing up to Democrats and the media.”

Some GOP members have said Trump should be less restrictive, as he is becoming a pivotal figure in the Republican Party. Discussing the topic with Politico, an advisor said Trump is still committed to the GOP and electing “America-first conservatives.” But they stressed that no one has the ability to use his likeness without Trump’s explicit consent.

Despite rumors, Trump has said he is not forming his own party, citing that a split vote would only help Democrats. Instead, he’s continuing in hopes building the Republican Party.

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