Trump Team Tops Biden by Turning Slogan Against Him

Joe Biden, desperate to regain the 2020 Democratic lead, rolled out a new push to win over Latino voters. His campaign came up with a new slogan they hoped would win over the hearts and minds of Latin Americans everywhere. But they made a big mistake and the Trump team is taking advantage of it.

It’s no secret that Democrats desperately need Latino voters. They’re losing ground with white Americans and even African Americans. They thought their open borders policy would make them a shoo-in for Hispanics, but even that’s not certain (since most Latin Americans don’t want an open border).

According to a newly released poll, Joe Biden has miraculously surged back to the top of the 2020 primary race. Even after all the bad news about how his son got rich off his political career, the media says Biden is the man to beat. Sure, okay. Biden’s campaign is searching for any advantage in this never-ending race. So, they rolled out a new slogan hoping to score more support among Hispanics: “Todos Con Biden” meaning, “All with Biden.”

Not the best slogan, but hey, these are Democrats after all. The same people who came up with the gem “I’m with her,” a few years ago.

I have a feeling Joe’s campaign people are as bad with technology as they are with slogans because they forgot to do one thing. And Trump’s all-too-savvy staffers jumped on the opportunity to humiliate him.

Just after the Biden campaign rolled out a Latino voter outreach program Wednesday, the Trump campaign quickly figured out another way to “own the libs” by buying the URL for Biden’s new campaign slogan…

But the Biden campaign committed a cardinal sin in public relations: they failed to reserve the domain name before they announced the slogan. They did not purchase or even reserve the @TodosConBiden Twitter handle.

The Trump campaign saw a prime opportunity to troll and snatched up the website and social media handle, and used them to mock Biden.

A visit to revealed a message in both English and Spanish: “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos. Joe is all talk.”

The only link on the page redirects visitors to the Trump campaign’s Latino outreach site, “Latinos for Trump.” [Source: Fox News]

Lol, wow! Talk about a facepalm. Biden’s people must have thought they were pretty smart coming up with that trite, uninspired slogan. They weren’t expecting Trump to outdo them by whipping up a webpage and Twitter account just to troll them!

As hilarious as the webpage is, the Twitter account is simply brutal. It outlines the many things Joe Biden has done to hurt Latin Americans. Especially how he, as vice president, sat back and let illegal immigrant children be held in cages.

That’s right, all those pictures liberals use to accuse Trump of keeping kids and families in cages were actually from the Obama administration. Has Joe Biden ever bothered to explain why he supported such a cruel and uncaring policy?

It’s true that Biden is trying to soften his image among Hispanic voters. But he hasn’t done a thing to help them. In fact, most of his policies as senator and then vice president have only hurt working-class Americans, including Hispanics. And Trump is using Joe’s own slogan to remind voters of all of them.

The Biden campaign is none too happy to see their shiny new catchphrase being used to tarnish their campaign. They whined like children after they discovered their own mistake. Joe’s spokesperson spread more tired, empty attacks against Trump. Pretty sad, if you ask me. The left keeps pushing the same lies about Trump, never bothering to prove their most wild and hateful claims.

We have mountains of evidence that prove Biden and the rest of the left are uncaring, hateful, and destruction leaders. Yet the mainstream media never holds them to it.

The American people know, though. And they will make sure Joe Biden knows exactly what they think of him. Something tells me his new Latino push is going to go as well as Hillary’s!

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