Trump Warns About The Communist “Blueprint” To Kill America

Former President Trump has blasted congressional Dems on Wednesday over their $3.5 trillion spending plan that he said was an “attack” on the American Dream.

The Senate approved the huge spending resolution overnight with a 50-49 party-line vote.

“Good morning, everyone! While you were sleeping, the Far-left Democrats pushed forward a plan that will be seen as the $3.5 trillion Communist Blueprint to Destroy The United States,” Trump said in a comment.

“This law is an attack on our country, on our towns, and on our wonderful American Dream,” Trump said.

The former president also stated, “It destroys our nation’s Borders and a respect for the law by giving amnesty that will trigger a flood of people into our beautiful cities. That will overwhelm all of our schools, and make our Country less safe.”

Trump ended, “It increases taxes like we have never suffered before, while also causing many of the stuff you buy everyday to be more expensive (groceries, gas and a lot more). And do not forget the insane Green New Deal. Americans, you are getting robbed. It’s time for everyone to wake up!”

Trump was not alone in slamming the Democrats’ communist spending plan.

Texas GOP member Senator Ted Cruz also criticized the previously enacted bipartisan “infrastructure” bill, saying it was “a gateway drug to even more reckless spending” in Democrats’ $3.5 trillion plan.

“Too many conservatives only enabled Democrats’ pushes to obtain bipartisanship, spend over a trillion dollars in tax payer money, and then force through their $3.5 trillion liberal spending list of terrible taxes and outrageous spending,” Cruz said in a comment.

This comes at a time when Biden has received a lot of support from RINO Republicans like Mitt Romney and others. With Trump supporters seeing this all for what it is, a betrayal of the conservative base of the Republican party.

Meanwhile, some Republicans are also supporting Biden’s open border agenda under the guise of supporting the economy. They argue that since the birth rate is so low, America needs more immigrants. But they never seek to deal with the underlying causes of why the birth rate is so low. Namely, housing prices, jobs being shipped overseas, the cost of college being sky-high due to foreign students driving up the price, and a lot more.

Author: Scott Dowdy