Trump Won These 7 ‘Biden States’ — And Now There’s Proof

Election analyst Seth Keshel has found at least 8.1 million fraudulent ballots nationwide which were cast for Joe Biden in the last election. And now Keshel is explaining how he compared the promoted election results with voter details and demographic data.

The intel. analyst went on to say that the numbers in many counties and states did not add up. Keshel said his research has revealed that Trump won the election in seven of the swing states including in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

“We see that people were driving through a voter lane with 15 IDs and then here come 15 ballots. Same guy completes all the ballots,” he said. “…You also have these huge unexplainable gains that conflict with other trends across the country.”

Keshel went on to report that Trump also won the election given the amount of clean votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. He also said that elections in New York, California, and Virginia were filled with so much fraud, it would not be possible to know who won there.

This comes as Democrats are desperately attempting to find a reason to jail Trump. According to Axios “a lawyer for former President Trump reported to the WSJ that he plans to fight a Dept. of Justice order to release his tax returns to a Dem-led House Committee.”

“The DOJ sent a memo to the Treasury Dept. last Friday that the committee had a “legitimate legislative reason” to see the returns. A judge has requested that the parties give a time frame for written arguments this week,” the WSJ said.

Ronald Fischetti, an attorney for Trump, told the WSJ “There is no evidence of any crimes here and I object to these returns being released not only on behalf of my client but for all future presidents of the United States.”

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi published a tweet saying “the Biden Admin has given a victory for the law as it respects America’s public interest by accepting Chairman Neal’s request for Trump’s tax returns. I commend Chairman Neal for this pursuit of the truth & the Biden Dept. of Justice for its respect for the law.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire