Trump’s Impeachment Could Be a Bloodbath — For Democrats

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have announced the rules for President Trump’s second impeachment, which is scheduled to start today.

“For the Senate, the GOP leader and myself, in discussions with the House managers and Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, have agreed to a bipartisan way to manage the impeachment trial,” Schumer stated on the Senate floor. “Both sides have agreed to a process that will guarantee a fair trial of former president Trump.”

Today, both the impeachment managers and Donald Trump’s legal counsel will receive four hours to argue if it is constitutional to impeach a former president. The Senate will then vote on if a trial will continue. A majority vote (51 votes) will be required for the trial to start, a vote that will likely be along party lines.

If the Senate continues, oral arguments start on Wednesday. Each side will have a total of 16 hours to make their case but it may not exceed two days. 

Once arguments are complete, the senators will have four hours to question both sides. After that follows a two hour debate concerning the topic of witnesses being subpoenaed. Each side will get one hour to make their argument about this possibility.

Each side will then have two hours for their final arguments. Once those closing arguments are over, the Senate will deliberate. Following this, the chamber will vote on the impeachment for “inciting an insurrection.”

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