Trump’s Journey To The Border Just Got Way More Interesting

Members of the GOP Study Committee, the largest group of House Republican members, will go with former president Trump on his visit to the southern border on June 30.

A spokesperson for Republican Congressman Jim Banks (IN), the chairman, confirmed the news to reporters. It’s not surprising that Republicans will go with the former president, as border security has been a long-standing hot-button topic leftover from the Trump White House.

“President Trump had four years of working to fix the border. But Biden broke it, and we are now going through the worst border crisis in American history., Banks said in a comment. “That is why the Study Committee has made continuing the Trump legacy our top priority and why we are going to the border with Trump to show how we can stop this national disaster.”

Trump’s visit comes weeks after VP Kamala Harris’ very publicized trip to Guatemala and Mexico to deal with the border problem. As we have said, Harris did not go to the border on this trip. But, after getting scrutiny from Republicans and Democrats alike, along with the announcement that Trump intends to go to the border, it was reported that Harris will now visit the border herself.

Several Republicans, including Banks and Trump, have gone to the border before. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster recently mocked Harris for going to his state instead of the border after her trip to Guatemala and Mexico.

Another member of the Study Committee, Republican Tony Gonzales from Texas, recently gave the official GOP Address about the immigration problem. His congressional district alone has over 800 miles of border, which comes to around 40 percent of its length. Gonzales took to Twitter to criticize Harris’ long past due visit to the southern border.

While it is not known which members of the Study Committee will be going along with Trump, this will be the second time in past months that some have met with him. Members reportedly met with Trump at his golf resort in New Jersey earlier this month to speak about reclaiming Republican power in the Senate and House.

Author: Scott Dowdy