Tucker Carlson Gives A Game-Changing “Call To Action”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said this week on “Fox & Friends” that Americans should “consider really strongly civil disobedience” to resist Biden’s mask mandates and greater coronavirus restrictions.

“If a law is not just, if it is designed to harm innocent people, rather than protect them, then, you know, you must think very strongly about civil disobedience,” Carlson said to hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade.


They are forcing you to break your conscience, to hurt your children and yourself, you know, in what sense are you forced to obey that?” Carlson said. “I mean, they are pushing this so far, especially in the mask matter and there is a ton of evidence that masks harm kids.

Carlson said there is no evidence that “kids get benefits from masks” and suggested that if officials cannot justify their policy, their decisions force parents into a “very tough spot.” He said that although he wants to follow the law, he does not believe children should be put in danger to “satisfy a political agenda.”

Carlson also went against Dr. Fauci, who said on MSNBC this week that while he understands Americans have loved their freedom, the life-threatening covid-19 might take precedent over that, leading to vaccine mandates being needed. Fauci also showed he was supportive of mandatory vaccines for schools and teachers because the Delta variant has “made the health environment critical.”

“Why are we paying attention to Fauci?” Carlson said, claiming he was “completely discredited” and adding that although Americans cannot “force an indictment or investigation,” they can just ignore his advice.

Although seven states are currently pushing back against mask mandates, several school boards in Texas are defying GOP Governor Abbott’s executive order ensuring schools do not force students to wear masks. Districts in Austin and Dallas announced this week that students and staff members will be forced to use masks because of the Delta variant.

Whether children should use masks has been a hotly debate topic. Some people argue that children can spread coronavirus even if they have no symptoms. However, others say claim it is not needed because the masks might be harmful to children’s health.

Author: Steven Sinclaire