Tucker Carlson Reveals Who Really Burnt Down Fox News’ Christmas Tree

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has said the burning of the Fox News Christmas Tree was on “attack on Christianity” on his Wednesday night program.

“A Christmas tree is the symbol. The symbol of a certain culture. It is a symbol of a very loved tradition that is many hundreds of years old. Above all, it is the symbol of a religion, which is the world’s largest. Burning Christmas trees is actually an attack on Christianity, obviously,” Tucker Carlson said.

Carlson said the burning of the tree was an “attack on religious observance” and said if the act was directed toward other religious groups, it would have been called a “hate crime” by the Joe Biden White House.

“The DOJ can report exactly how many Qurans were burned last year in this country, but they do not know how many Christmas trees were burned. Why is this? Well, because they could not care less,” Carlson said.

The “All-American Christmas Tree” was a 50-foot tree that was set on fire right after midnight Wednesday outside the Fox News location, allegedly by a homeless suspect.

Fox News security officers quickly caught the 49-year-old man and gave him to police.

Tamanaha came under numerous charges, including criminal mischief, arson, criminal nuisance, tampering, trespassing, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

There was no reported motive for this act, but rumors have spread that the man was paid to commit the act.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott unveiled in a company memo that the tree will be replaced on Thursday, and that a new lighting ceremony will happen at 4:30 p.m. outside the Fox Square.

“We won’t allow this brazen and deliberate act of cowardice defeat us. We will now rebuild and install a new tree as a message to people that there will be light and joy even during a dark times like this,” Scott wrote in a memo to Fox News workers this week.

The lighting will be featured on the TV program “The Five” and hosted by Abby Hornacek and Lawrence Jones, who hosted the first tree lighting ceremony before it was torched, Scott said.

Author: Scott Dowdy