Twitter Suspends MAGA Reporter For Exposing Media Cheats

A CNN employee who had five Tinder dates with a Project Veritas agent was caught on video expressing anger over black-on-Asian attacks, while his network was trying to help BLM.

“I was researching hate crimes against Asians, the people getting attacked. A lot of black guys have been targeting and attacking Asians. I ask ‘What are we doing? We are trying to help BLM., said CNN’s Charlie Chester. “I haven’t seen any news about people who aren’t white. They just are not reporting anything.”

“The optics are bad., Charlie said. “These are the things that can set back the movement, because the far left will attempt to create stories that criminalize an entire group of people.”


CNN has been doing numerous pieces on the BLM riots happening in Minnesota during the last three days. Chester’s comments bring into question if the network is truly pro-black or simply anti-white.

But now, after this undercover video has gone viral, Twitter has intervened and suspended Project Veritas from its platform:

Author: Scott Dowdy

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