Ukraine Weighs in on Impeachment, Announces Big Plans

Democrats tried to push an impeachment against Donald Trump over a single phone call with Ukraine.

As their scheme fizzles, Americans have learned all about what Joe Biden and his son were doing with the foreign power. Many are pretty upset that little has been done over the former VP’s conduct. Now, a Ukraine top prosecutor just made a big announcement. Biden should be worried.

The left’s entire impeachment push has revolved around the idea that Trump abused his office for personal gain. Democrats claim he threatened Ukraine–withholding aid–so that they would do what he wanted. That’s what the “bombshell” whistleblower complaint stated. Yet when Trump released the transcript of the call, we learned he did no such thing.

However, Americans are learning all about what Joe Biden did to Ukraine while vice president. He threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine–to the tune of $1 billion–unless their government fired a top prosecutor. Sounds like an ugly move to make against a foreign power that needs our help.

But why did Biden fight so hard to get this guy fired? He claims it was because the man was corrupt. Then the news came out that he was investigating a company that was paying Biden’s son $50,000 a month.


Trump wanted this strange case looked into. Biden attacked the president, saying the case had already been looked into and shelved.

Ukraine, though, thinks something is fishy about all this. And their top prosecutor just announced their looking into it.

Ukraine’s top prosecutor said Friday that his office is “conducting an audit” of closed cases that had been previously investigated, including the probe involving the energy giant Burisma, where Hunter Biden had served on the board.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka, the country’s prosecutor general, said at a news conference that his office was instructed to review cases that have been closed, fragmented or investigated earlier to make sure they were fairly and thoroughly handled. He said no one attempted to influence him to call for the new investigations. [Source: Fox News]

Anyone with half a brain can see there were some problems with how Joe Biden behaved. He put pressure on a foreign power to do as he said. Using U.S. aid as a means to coerce another country is not great. Our aid to other countries is meant to help them prosper. It is not a chip that can be used to manipulate foreign governments.

Yet Democrats seem to think it is. Hillary Clinton once threaten withdrawing aid from earthquake-slammed Haiti, in order to interfere with their elections. That meddling plunged the nation into chaos, destroying its democracy.

What makes Biden’s situation worse is how he wanted fired a man who was looking into the very company Hunter was working for. He was getting paid a huge salary–and for what? Hunter has no experience in the very business. What could he have offered?

Considering a prosecutor was looking into the company should raise many red flags. Yet our media looked the other way then and now. Our government did nothing to hold Biden accountable for his apparent conflict of interest.

Only Donald Trump wanted the matter looked into. And for that, the left is trying to impeachment him.

But after all that, it seems like the case will be looked into, anyway. This new Ukrainian prosecutor is looking into any cases that were fragmented or closed early. That includes the case into Biden’s company.

What will they find? Will evidence surface that proves Hunter Biden’s job was a sham? Will this lead to proof that Joe Biden was abusing his power to protect his son’s cashflow?

It’s hard to say now, but Joe Biden might be getting nervous right about now.

All I can say is it’s sad we had to wait for another country to look into this matter.

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