Undercover Camera Reveals FDA’s Horrifying Plans For Unvaccinated Americans

This week, Project Veritas published an undercover video showing an HHS nurse recording her colleagues showing doubt about the coronavirus vaccines and how it might be affecting patients even worse than the virus.

Now, the undercover groups has put out another video, this time revealing an FDA official advocating for blowdarting the unvaccinated. He also showed his wish to create a registration of unvaccinated people, even acknowledging the similarity of such a list with the ones Nazi’s used.

Taylor Lee, the FDA official in the video, works as an economist inside the White House. Lee believes we should treat the vaccine as a census and that officials should be going door to door to find the people under the unvaccinated registry and then forcibly stab them with needles.

“Census goes door-to-door if you do not reply,” stated Lee on camera. “So, we have the ability to do it. I mean, it will cost a lot of money. But I believe, at that point, I think there should be a registry of unvaccinated people. Although it sounds like Nazi Germany.”

“Nazi Germany…I mean, think of it like the Jewish Star,” he said.

In the hidden video footage, Lee goes through a number of liberal fantasies, like herding all of the unvaccinated people into Texas and allowing the rest of the nation to deal with the pandemic.

The top admission from Lee is not his personal bigotry against people he disagrees with, but he also says the FDA is staffed with “scientific advisors” who are really just political and not scientific.

“There are political appointees that are usually scientific advisors or who are appointed by the commission or the president…They are being paid based on people staying in power,” he said.

“Unfortunately, everyone plays politics, but I don’t believe that the career scientists are — I believe that it is the people that they are unfortunately having to report to since these appointees are getting put into place and that is the Senate confirms the appointees to then just pick their people.”

It is upsetting that we have someone like Lee who is fine with Nazi-style governing inside our government. More importantly, this might cause people to question if the FDA is pushing through vaccines based on well-researched study or simply because the politicians who appointed them demanded that they do so to check off a political milestone.

Author: Blake Ambrose