[VIDEO] Hot Mic Captures Pelosi Revealing Shocking Biden Secret

Actor James Woods has shared a clip of Joe Biden as he was removed from a virtual video feed by Nancy Pelosi as she supposedly said on a hot mic that, “No, we do not want him to talk.”

“And I am happy to accept questions if that’s what I am supposed to do now. Whatever you want Nance,” Joe Biden said in the video while addressing the House Dems 2021 Issues Conference. This part really happened and was really verified when the event happened.

In the video Woods tweeted, Pelosi allegedly said unknowingly being recorded by a mic, “Am I on? No, we do not want him to talk.” At this point, Biden was supposedly prevented from speaking. This was right after Biden urged Democrats to “restore faith” in the government.

The newly surfaced clip is weird and suspect for many reasons including Nancy Pelosi’s talking at the end. It also does not have credibility since it took so long to show up. The original incident happened in March.

It’s possible the video was spliced together to make Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi seem even worse but you cannot tell for certain.

The footage serves to stress the fact that Biden has routinely stated that he is being told who to accept questions from and what to reply with. He is also showing a temper with journalists and rudely walking away when asked questions he does not like.

For instance, at a media briefing on Hurricane Ida, Joe Biden said he was not supposed to accept questions but took one anyway. “I am not supposed to accept questions, but go ahead,” he said to White House journalist Jennifer Jacobs.

She asked him, “Mr. President, about Afghanistan…”

President Biden stopped her in the middle of her question, “I will not answer on Afghanistan.”

He then angrily banged his hand against the podium and turned away.

Biden’s gaffes are legendary. It has become certain to many Americans that he doesn’t accept more questions is because he loses his train of thought, rambles, go off-subject, or gets angry. Almost daily, clips are coming out showing Biden in a bad light and it is only getting worse.

Author: Blake Ambrose