[Video] Tucker Carlson Demolishes Liberal Media Perverts

CNN is embroiled in several scandals that are mostly self-inflicted, with the most disturbing scandal among them being the one that involves former CNN senior producer John Griffin, who just last week was indicted on charges of the sexual abuse of a 9-year-old girl and attempted to groom other underage girls through their mothers.

Since then, we have learned even more vile details regarding Griffin, who once worked “shoulder to shoulder” with the disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and occasionally with “New Day” anchor John Avlon.

According to court documents obtained by the New York Post, Griffin “tried to lure at least four young girls, ages 16, 14, 13 and 9, to his ski house located in Vermont for deviant training sessions on things such as ‘c–k worship’ and ‘spanking’.” He also allegedly searched BDSM websites to locate parents who would be open to giving their underage daughters to a sexual deviant like himself, and allegedly told one of the mothers that “a female is a female regardless of how old she is.”

But oddly enough, CNN – which claims to be a “media network” has had very little to say while on air about these allegations that a guy who worked for them in a high-ranking position for 8 years is going up against such disturbing charges.

Tucker Carlson who just last night buried CNN on his program by holding them to the same standards they demanded of other networks such as Fox News. Going by the standards of CNN, anything bad like this that takes place at a rival media outlet means the culture at that outlet must’ve helped foster an atmosphere that has led to the alleged wrongdoing.

Not surprisingly, CNN’s double standards have been on full display recently as they obsess over the Fox News texts and rebuke the network while staying quiet about the Griffin allegations, which is a very serious matter. Carlson ridiculed them on his program, while taking particular aim at Darcy, Stelter and Avlon. Watch below:

Something Carlson did not mention but which I will note here is another CNN “standard,” which goes something like if you’re silent about something then it means you condone it. By that metric, should we to believe CNN condones Griffin’s actions?

Though some may say “yes,” I would not go that far, but then again that is because I’m a better person than the egotistical news personalities at CNN, who wouldn’t take the same high road if it had been another media organization in the middle of a scandal involving a child predator. Because that is just how bad of an organization CNN actually is.

Author: Scott Dowdy