Violent Assault Filmed Outside White House By BLM Mob

A violent mob of leftists took it upon themselves to harass and intimidate attendees of the President’s nomination speech as they left the White House, among those was Senator Rand Paul.

Paul and his wife were being escorted out by police when the enraged mob decided to get physical and assaulted one of the officers protecting them in an effort to get to Paul.

The senator later released a statement saying that he had been “attacked.” Multiple videos were posted to social media of the incident, which happened after the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention.

Paul also posted about the attack on Twitter, writing: “Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.”

These sick individuals weren’t just there to intimidate and attack high profile members of our government, however, as they were seen on video screaming in the faces of an elderly couple who was also leaving the White House.

In another instance, the mob attacked a separate elderly couple who were walking on the street nearby.

Protesters followed and heckled the elderly man and woman. “Get the f**k out!” a protester shouted through a megaphone at the couple. “Why?” the man can be heard responding.

One then is seen on video running up behind the man and shoving him. The man continued walking peacefully, as protesters continued to push him from behind and pour water on him.

The man can be heard saying he’s there to watch the fireworks which were later set off at the National Mall following the conclusion of President Trump’s speech.

Protesters then sucker-punched him, knocking him to the ground, according to videos posted by Daily Caller journalist Phillip Nieto and Townhall journalist Julio Rosas. According to Rosas, there was blood on his face.

Protesters outside the White House also placed an effigy of President Trump under a mock guillotine – indicating that they wanted to kill him. “Ticket – Fascist, Rapist, Criminal,” a piece of paper placed on the effigy said.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon questioned why the Democrats had remained silent on the violent attacks yet again “Why no statement from the Dems you ask? @JoeBiden is counting sheep and Kamala Harris is talking to pollsters and advisors to figure out the right play — how to mildly criticize the actual mob violence while also blaming it on the victims and of course on @realDonaldTrump –”

This violence is nothing new from the left, however, especially for Sen. Paul who was present at the Virginia baseball field in 2017 when a left-wing activist attempted to kill GOP lawmakers. He was also the victim of an attack by his neighbor, who was a Democrat.

“I was there at the ball field when Steven Scalise almost died from a very, very angry violent man who was incited really by rhetoric on the left,” Paul during an interview in 2018. “And this hasn’t been reported enough, when he came on the field with a semi-automatic weapon firing probably close to 200 shots at us, shooting five people and almost killing Steve Scalise, he was yelling ‘this is for healthcare! He also had a list of conservative legislators, Republicans, in his pocket that he was willing to kill.”

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