Warren Promises Not to Tax the Middle Class, Gets Schooled by Trump Jr

Democratic candidate for president, Elizabeth Warren, wants to kill private health insurance and force you to use a government-run program. Her massive plan, “Medicare for all,” will cost around $52 trillion. She claims she can cover it by only taxing America’s billionaires, not the rest of us. But Donald Trump Jr. exposed her dishonesty, with some basic math.

Democrats are really getting desperate, huh? Normally, a rival candidate will run on fixing the mistakes of an existing leader. They will promise things the current administration is not doing. But how can the Democrats do that against Trump—when he is winning on nearly every issue?

They can’t promise a better economy; the unemployment rate (across all demos) is at historic lows. Jobs are flooding the country. Wages are rising. There is more opportunity than there are people looking for work!

Meanwhile, states that are run by Democrats are facing critical problems. Their decades of leadership have left Americans living in virtual hell.

So, many 2020 Democrats are promising radical, socialist programs as a solution to non-problems. Warren and Sanders are especially promising a single, government-controlled healthcare system. But don’t believe the lies: it’s not free.

Warren’s program will cost the country $52 trillion over the next ten years. That sum is pretty big, but simply put: it’s more money than we have.

To scrounge up this cash, Warren claims all she has to do is tax billionaires. Yeah, because the rich are so evil, they don’t deserve their money, right? They only use it to invest in the United States, start companies, and employ thousands!

But even then, she’s getting the math wrong. Donald Trump Jr. crunched the numbers for Elizabeth and let her know, her plan isn’t going to work.

“It doesn’t raise taxes on anybody but billionaires,” Warren told CBS News reporter Zak Hudak. “And, you know what, the billionaires can afford it and I don’t call them middle class.”

President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., pointed this out in reaction to the Democrat vowing no new middle classes healthcare taxes.

“Her plan costs $52,000,000,000,000 and there are about 600 billionaires in the US,” he wrote. “If you took $1 Billion from each of them you cover about 1% of her plan.”

“It’s just irresponsible to pretend she can do this without destroying the middle class and the economy,” the 41-year-old added. [Source: Daily Wire]

Elizabeth Warren must think we are pretty stupid, huh? I mean, I’m no math whiz, but I was able to figure this out on my own.

A trillion dollars is much more than a billion. If you tax every last billionaire, you still won’t have enough to cover her Medicare for all program. In fact, taxing the rich would only cover a wimpy one percent of her terrible, socialist agenda.

So, where is the rest of the money coming from? Not the working class, guys, but you and me. Regular, middle-class Americans, people who work hard to provide for their families, will be saddled with the massive burden of Warren’s Medicare for all.

Let me guess: you already struggle to pay for health insurance, right? A large chunk of your paycheck goes to cover your monthly insurance costs? Imagine now that a huge tax is taken from your pay—and on top of that, you can’t even pick your provider!

That’s what will happen if Warren gets elected president. It’s really shocking to think that senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have such a poor grasp of our economy. These hacks have been in government for DECADES. Yet they can’t add up numbers.

They seem to think billionaires have endless stores of cash, just ready to give to the government. They ignore the fact that many rich elites have ways of avoiding paying taxes. And those tax burdens fall on the rest of us.

You know what? I’m wrong. They can do the math. Warren knows her plan will hurt the middle class. She is just lying. Hoping that we’re dumb enough to just go along with her plans.

Until it’s too late.

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