Washington In Chaos After ‘Nuclear’ Threat Is Made

Washington is gearing up for war and both sides seem willing to go all out to win.

The war is essentially over the new Voting Rights Act and the differences between Democrats and Republicans couldn’t be greater. Democrats view the voting bill as their path to domination in DC. Republicans see it as an existential threat to themselves and the idea of an American republic.

There’s just one thing standing in Democrats’ way: the filibuster.

The Democrats could decide to use reconciliation to force the bill by a simple majority. But this tactic is limited to just three times per year and President Biden has already used one of them to get his stimulus bill passed. With another $3 trillion stimulus bill coming up — one that could be split into two sections — Democrats are running low on ammo.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said to Democrats bluntly that if they mess with the filibuster, the GOP will cause chaos in the Senate. The tactics and tricks that he can use — but has never used because they bring the Senate to a crawl — would be used in what McConnell says would be “nuclear winter.”

“It requires unanimous agreement to turn the lights on,” McConnell stated. “And I believe they would cause 50 angry senators to not be interested in cooperating on even the smallest of things.”

No GOP member will vote for party suicide, no matter how many times the left call them “racists.” The media will slam Republicans day and night, accusing them of returning to Jim Crow laws and blocking black voters.

Democratic Senators Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin have responded that under no circumstances will they remove the filibuster. But both of them have allowed room for filibuster changes. Any push to “reform” the filibuster would destroy the meaning of the rule, which is just like repealing it.

How long could the GOP keep a nuclear war going? If they keep it going until 2022, they might get a chance at winning back the Senate. It’s all they have to guard themselves from the naked power grab by extreme Democrats.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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