Washington’s ‘Queen Of Spite’ Bypasses Biden To Pass This Radical Agenda

House Speaker Pelosi is holding steady and stubborn and saying that the House will not vote on the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure deal until the Senate allows reconciliation and accepts a second huge $3.5 trillion spending program.

“We are working for the infrastructure bill to get through, but we all understand that more must be done,” she said on ABC recently. She intends to block the infrastructure program until the Dems get everything they are planning for.

“I hope it will succeed. I will not put it on the floor unless we get the rest of this initiative,” Pelosi said.

GOP Senator Rob Portman (OH) bluntly said that Pelosi’s plans directly contradict President Joe Biden’s work to pass the bipartisan infrastructure deal. “What she has just stated is completely counter to what the president committed to, and what the Senate is working on, which is a two-track thing,” he said. “The infrastructure agreement has nothing to do with the careless tax-and-spend bill she is referring to.”

When asked if this could mean Congress gets nothing, Portman, who is among the top negotiators on the bill, said, “If she gets her way, we might.”

Political analyst Miranda Devine at The NY Post held nothing back when it comes to this divisiveness move of the House Speaker, “Nancy Pelosi would point her finger at Trump, but she puts him in the dust when it comes to destroying norms, dividing Washington and causing chaos. If anyone gets the blame for the hyper-partisanship these days, it is the spiteful speaker of the house.”

“She acts more like a Mafia don going into a gang war instead of a dignified and fair officer, which is what the speaker’s role demands,” Devine said. “Pelosi abuses her role in ways that were once unthinkable. Every leader in Congress — and by extension everyone in the nation — has been hurt by the spite she has pushed into the political sphere. There is no grace, just a barren wasteland of a zero-sum game.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) went so far as to urge GOP members to leave the Capitol to prevent the passage of the bill after saying it was a travesty.

“If they pass the budget measure to bring it to the floor of the Senate … You must have a quorum to pass the bill. I would leave before I would let that happen.,” Graham said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire