[Watch] Biden Accidentally Admits He’s Doing a Terrible Job

Since President Biden took office, the prices on everyday items have gone up. While the Joe Biden White House has tried to distract from this financial reality, Joe Biden himself has just accidentally revealed the truth this week.

“I know many of you are still struggling to get through each day,” he said. “For many Americans, it is harder to pay for food, rent, gas, health care.”

It seems in a shocking turn of events, Joe Biden is now telling us the truth. It is now getting too hard for Americans to pay for basic necessities.

The ironic part is that Joe Biden has been in office for almost eight months, and inflation has gone up during this time.

According to The WSJ, the CPI rose an adjusted 0.3 percent from Aug. to July. This comes after a 0.5 percent increase in the month of July and a 0.9 percent increase back in June.

While inflation has actually slowed in the last two months, that could be explained by it being so high in June, it almost had to go down.

It isn’t like inflation is slacking, either. It is still increasing — just at a slower rate than the last record-setting rate of almost two months ago.

Overall, the Journal reported the CPI was higher by 5.3 percent from Aug. 2020. The core price index, which does not include energy and food prices because of their volatile nature, is higher by 4 percent from last Aug.

When Biden was on the campaign trail talking about Trump, rhetoric such as this this would have done well with his base. Now he’s been president for going on a year now, the burden of America’s economy falls on him.

By talking about out how life is getting harder for Americans, he is admitting to letting the public down.

Many of the categories he mentioned are also coming under price increases. Restaurants and groceries went up by 0.4 percent both in August, while gas boosted a surprising 2.8 percent.

And recently Kroger said it believes prices will rise still another 2 to 3 percent by the close of 2021, Fox Business reported.

Author: Scott Dowdy