Watch: Black Congressman Unleashes Flurry Of Attacks Against Biden

In a comment released this Monday, Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds asked for President Biden to resign over his mismanaged military withdrawal from the nation of Afghanistan that has left thousands of Americans stuck under Taliban rule.

“Calling for the leader of the free world to give up his office is a heavy thing on my heart, but it should happen to return American’s safety here and abroad and repair our faith in our Chief Executive to faithfully perform his duties,” Donalds said via Twitter.

“President Biden has abdicated his duties and responsibility entrusted to him as President of the U.S. This blatant abdication of his duties is grounds for Joe Biden to resign,” Donalds demanded in his comment.

“It was clear that President Biden had lost total and complete confidence of the American public through his haphazard choice to leave Afghanistan,” he said.

“This withdrawal is currently putting the lives of our service-members in danger, and threatening the stability of the area, and our integrity on the worldwide stage.”

Donalds said his choice “weighs heavy on my heart” but “it should happen.”

“As an elected official of the U.S. House of Representatives, I made an oath to guard our Constitution, and I take that responsibility with very seriously,” he said.

“In good faith, I can’t look my constituents in their eyes, many being veterans, and inform them that the President can currently perform his duties that were entrusted to him by the Constitution,” the congressman said.

“President Joe Biden must resign immediately.”

Donalds is not the only one calling for Biden to leave office. According to the Daily Caller, 11 other GOP members “have said that Biden must resign or face impeachment over his withdrawal process.”

Donalds also recently joined a letter with members of the Republican Oversight Committee to demand answers about the Afghanistan crisis.

“The American public, our current and former troops, and our allies must have answers immediately on the terrible withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the congressman said.

“I am proud to stand with my Republican colleagues in demanding a complete Committee hearing on the Biden-formed crisis in Kabul.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire