Watch: Cuomo’s Reign Of Terror Is Finally Over, And Biden Has This To Say

President Biden praised Dem New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s accomplishments while in office and noted he respects his choice to step down.

Cuomo maintained that he was innocent but announced his resignation during a news conference this Tuesday after an independent investigation. NY A.G. Letitia James announced on Aug. 3 that the investigation found that Cuomo sexually harassed numerous women.

Biden first echoed WH press secretary Jen Psaki’s reply to the decision. Prior to President Biden’s remarks, Psaki would not give a significant official reaction to the announcement and pointed to the president’s past remarks about the scandal. Biden said Cuomo should resign right after the investigation findings were reported.

“I respect the governor’s choice, and I respect it,” the president said this Tuesday, highlighting “the impact” of the circumstance “is all on Cuomo” and not on all Democrats as a whole.

Biden was further pushed on Cuomo when CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe asked for President Biden’s analysis on how the governor did during his 10 years. Biden asked if the question was about Cuomo’s “personal behavior or he accomplished as a governor” and offered a compliment after O’Keefe pushed the latter.

“I believe he’s done a heck of a job,” Biden said. “Thought he has done a hell of a job. And … Both on – everything from voting access, to infrastructure, a whole group of topics. That’s why it is so sad.”


Biden also hit back when he was pressed on whether he can report that Cuomo had done “a heck of a job” after the governor was reported to have sexually harassed multiple women while in power. The president replied that the question was not about the allegations, and O’Keefe interjected in order to clarify: “How was Cuomo as a governor, outside of his personal behavior?”

“Outside of his personal behavior,” Biden said. “Okay.”

The president went on to admit he could not separate these two actions but continued on to say he “was asked a question” and was trying to answer that question. Biden did not address the nursing home issue, which saw the governor issue an order stopping nursing homes from denying patients “solely on having COVID-19,” according to a mandate.

Author: Blake Ambrose