Watch: GOP Congresswoman Hilariously Trolls Kamala About The Border

Colorado GOP Congressman Lauren Boebert published a Twitter video this Tuesday where she carries a cutout of Vice President Kamala Harris, who has not yet gone to the border over 70 days after President Biden made her the leader and manager to solve the “root causes” of America’s immigration crisis.

Boebert recently went to McAllen, Texas, where she made the video. The congresswoman published the video on Twitter to stress Harris’ absence at the border with Mexico.

“You can not just hear about what is happening. You must come here to get a complete understanding of the devastating problem at our southern border,” Boebert stated.

“So I brought Kamala here to see for herself what this regime is doing with their man-made crisis.”

Boebert also slammed Harris for the surge in illegals and sex offenders coming into America and related immigration topics.

“Illegals coming across the border, that is higher. Sex offenders crossing, that is higher. Drug trafficking, weapon smuggling and human trafficking, they are all higher,” she said.

Boebert said Harris was not helping Americans, saying, “You know what is not up at this border? Respect for the police, funding for Border Patrol. And where is the media?”

The Republican then added, “Over 70 days ago, Biden named Kamala our border czar but she has not done a thing to guard America.”

The video ended with the lawmaker propping the Harris cutout on a border fence. Boebert said, “Now, Kamala, you stand there and look at what you have done.”

The criticism comes after Harris allegedly tried to solve the surge of illegals crossing the border, by going to Guatemala.

In her first international trip, Harris said, “We will discourage illegal border crossings. And if you come, you will be turned back.”

Border officials also announced over 178,000 encounters with migrants trying to cross the border this April.

“Border Patrol has turned over 60,000 migrants loose without a court hearing date since Biden entered the White House, asking them to just report to ICE instead,” Fox reported.

Author: Blake Ambrose