Watch: Top Military Commander Furious Attack On Fauci

Admiral Brett Giroir has defended GOP Senator Rand Paul and slammed top White House medical adviser Doctor. Fauci for “hiding under the cover of technical words.”

Giroir joined a broadcast on Fox this week to talk about the heated debate between Fauci and Paul at the Senate hearing on the growth of the Delta variation of covid-19.

Fox news host Brian Kilmeade brought Giroir in after airing a video from the heated hearing, during which Senator Paul accused Dr. Fauci of lying about the NIH’s funding of gain-of-function studies at the Chinese Wuhan Virology Institute.

Fauci, who previously said that the NIH did not fund gain of function studies — which changes viruses to make them much more virulent to study them — responded by saying Paul was promoting lies.

“Admiral, what should Americans understand about this exchange?” the Fox news host asked Giroir.

“It was a troubling discussion and I do think probably Dr. Fauci was hiding under the cover of technical words about what they would define as ‘gain-of-function studies,’” Giroir said. “But what they did pay for was what Senator Paul said.”

Giroir continued on to state that the NIH had given money to the study of bat viruses that then made it to labs within Wuhan.

“Next, they divided up the viruses and created brand new Frankenstein like viruses to find out if they could infect humans,” Giroir said. “Now, that that might not be technically exactly ‘gain of function research,’ but it is dangerous stuff and Paul’s questions must be answered.”

Giroir also stressed the possibility that the Chinese government could be using those experiments to boost their bioweapons research that was linked by some people to the same Wuhan lab.

“Good questions. I do not believe we got an answer,” he said.

“You worked along with Fauci. Have you ever known him to be so shaken during a Senate hearing?” Kilmeade asked.

“No, I haven’t. He is normally pretty calm during these hearings,” Giroir responded, saying that his overall worry was that Fauci won’t do much to “give confidence in the American public.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire